Ninja Coloring Page

Ninja coloring pages

Today we have prepared for you a new ninja coloring page. These ruthless medieval warriors are very popular in comics, movies and video games. Probably a ninja is even more popular than the cowboy we painted a few days ago.

So, what colors are suitable for this coloring? If we recall the story, we will choose black or dark gray. The fact is that real ninjas are spies and hidden killers who worked, as a rule, at night. Accordingly, the most common color for ninja robes is black.

However, black is very boring, right? In movies, as well as in LEGO, you could see white, red, yellow, and green ninjas. You can safely use these colors if you are not striving to achieve historical authenticity. We decided to choose the black color. If you want any other color you can safely choose this. Just print or download our sketch and start creating!

Ninja coloring page

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